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Wyoming Firsts - A Children's Book (Hardcover)

Wyoming Firsts - A Children's Book (Hardcover)

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About the Author

Wyoming First Lady Carol Mead

First Lady Carol Mead has chosen children's issues as her primary area of focus.  She and Governor Mead believe that children are Wyoming's greatest asset.  To that end, her work is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among kids to make sure they grow up healthy, happy, and safe.  She believes that reading to your child every day is fundamental to strengthening the parent-child bond, developing emergent literacy skills, and encouraging intellectual curiosity - all keys to becoming a lifelong learner.

She has spent the balance of her time as First Lady reading to children throughout the state at their local libraries and schools; encouraging parents and kids to read together at home for at least 20 minutes each day; partnering with the University of Wyoming College of Education to establish the Literacy Research Center and Clinic; where she serves as co-chair of the Outreach Advisory Board; and launching Eat. Read. Grow., a statewide program that provides families with the opportunity to spend quality time together over a meal and to read together at home by giving each child who attends a free book.  The program is active in communities around Wyoming under various names. In addition, Mrs. Mead continues to champion a variety of children's issues, including the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the arts among children.  She has created the First Lady's Young Artist Showcase, which displays pieces by Wyoming high school students at the Governor's Residence each year.  Mrs. Mead is also spokesperson for Talk Early and Often, a statewide campaign that encourages parents to talk with their children about the dangers of alcohol consumption by children and teens.

About the Artwork

Wyoming High School Students

After visiting the Wyoming High School Art Symposium and recognizing the immense talent among Wyoming's young artists, the First Lady decided to invite high school art students from around the state to submit illustrations aimed at young children to accompany a poem she wrote about well-known and lesser known moments in Wyoming history.  The final product is a book full of whimsical drawings by Wyoming kids and fun "first" facts for Wyoming kids.

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